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Terms & Conditions

Deposits, Payments, Cancellation and Re-Arrangement Policy

We have put together what we think is a fair approach to deposits, balance payments, cancellations and rearrangements – reflecting the fact that we have a relatively small number of rooms, and consequent vulnerability to the impact of cancellations. Please take time to study the details below before booking, and only book to come if you are firmly intending to come (i.e., not ‘reserving an option’ that you might abandon if ‘something better’ comes along!). If you are concerned about maybe having to cancel at some point then consider taking out travel insurance to cover yourself in such an event.

Here are the details (updated 31st January 2024):

  • A 15% Deposit will secure your booking;
  • the Balance of Payment must be paid by 30 days before your scheduled arrival (if it is not paid by then we reserve the right to cancel your booking for that date and you will be given the opportunity to arrange another date – see below);
  • Deposit and Balance of Payments, once paid, are non-refundable (though see below about re-arranging a date in the event of having to cancel a booked date);
  • If you are unable to come on a booked date and notify us prior to 14 days before you are due to arrive, we will offer you the opportunity to re-schedule your stay for a €20 (20 Euro) re-arrangement fee, with no further loss of payments, and come on an alternative date of your choice within 6 months of the original booking date – subject to room availability; a re-scheduled booking date will be offered only one time – if you are unable to attend on a re-scheduled date that has been agreed with us, no other opportunity will be offered to reschedule a booking and all payments will be forfeit; if you are unable or unwilling to reschedule a stay in the event of not being able to attend a booked date then all payments will be forfeit; if you notify us of being unable to attend a booked or rescheduled date within 14 days of scheduled arrival then all payments will be forfeit;
  • all bookings are non-transferable;
  • no refunds or partial-refunds will be available if you choose to cut short a booking/attendance
  • if we have to cancel a retreat date due to extraordinary/unforeseen circumstances then anyone who has a booking for the affected dates will be eligible to receive a 100% refund, with the alternative option of re-scheduling the booking (dates available depending on the reason for our cancellation).

Once again: if you are concerned about the possibility of losing your deposit or full payment through not being able to attend then we encourage you to consider taking out holiday insurance that will cover your potential loss.

Arrival and Departure

Your tenancy can be taken up between 2pm and 8pm on the first day of your booking, and you must depart Informarsi sulla prenotazione per soggiornare presso Casale di Clio by 11am on the final day of your stay (rooms must be vacated by 9.30am on the day of departure). There may be some flexibility in these times – by prior agreement.

We are obliged to report the presence of guests staying here to the Questura (police), through official channels, within 24 hours of their arrival; we will therefore need to copy details from your passport/ID Card at arrival; be warned: no passport/official ID card means no check-in (and risks loss of your booking payments).

‘Quiet Hours’

When we have writers, artists or other ‘creatives’ resident here – or those bringing studies/research – we encourage ‘quiet hours’ at the Casale on weekday mornings and afternoons (from 9am-12.30pm & 2pm-6pm) – this just means respecting other residents by not making undue noise/disturbace. There are headphones here for use with our Yamaha keyboard whatever time it is used – unless giving a performance! If you think you might want to listen to music or watch video on your own laptop/tablet/smartphone during your stay then please bring headphones/earbuds compatible with your device.

NB, this should be considered alongside Italian legislation that is designed to prevent noise nuisance to neighbours: by law, quiet is required between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. and again between 1:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. (the latter presumably to allow for afternoon naps for the very young and the elderly – indeed, for everyone during the heat of High Summer). Tenants are asked to respect these laws during their stay.

Behaviour while resident at Informarsi sulla prenotazione per soggiornare presso Casale di Clio

Behaviour that amounts to serious nuisance or intimidation of other tenants, the proprietors or neighbours (or is reasonably perceived as a cause of serious concern by them and us, the proprietors) will not be tolerated and will result in the antagonist being asked to leave Informarsi sulla prenotazione per soggiornare presso Casale di Clio at the earliest opportunity – with no refund of money paid to stay.

Insurance and Liability

Tenants are responsible for deciding whether they wish to purchase insurance to cover their travel to Informarsi sulla prenotazione per soggiornare presso Casale di Clio and their stay here. The proprietors will not be held liable in any way for the behaviour of tenants while staying at Informarsi sulla prenotazione per soggiornare presso Casale di Clio, including tenants’ safeguarding of their (the tenants’) possessions.

Other Terms and Conditions in Domande Frequenti

The answers to the following Frequently asked Questions set out on this website should be considered to be Terms and Conditions of Bookings for stays at Informarsi sulla prenotazione per soggiornare presso Casale di Clio:

  • Smoking & Vaping;
  • Alcohol, Drugs (and Behaviour) Policy;
  • Double Occupancy;
  • Room Security;
  • Residence Notification;
  • Booking Extensions;
  • Disponibilità di Assistenza/Supporto/Supervisione Specialistica