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Special Offers: Groups & ‘All-Rooms’ Bookings

Writers and Artists Retreat in Tuscany, Italy
Being ‘on retreat’ does not preclude socialising!

Occasional Special Invitations

Now and then we will proactively market Casale di Clio by approaching suitable groups and inviting them to take advantage of a special offer – maybe even outside of the Lower and Middle Season periods; if you are reading this page then you are likely to have been directed here by such an approach!

The Offer

We recognise that although a ‘retreat’ primarily offers the opportunity for each individual to focus on their own particular project, guests might also wish to socialise with others whom they know while not actively engaged on their project (i.e., not taking ‘pot luck’ on which other guests might be staying at Casale di Clio at the same time). We therefore occasionally offer a special deal if the three rooms are all booked by a group for a stay for the same week/period – allowing you to arrange to have guests that you know staying at the same time as yourself. Or alternatively, you may want less socialising and more individual focus, in which case you might book all three rooms yourself.

The ‘three rooms for the price of two’ offer is this: book all three rooms and room Leonardo is effectively ‘free’ – i.e., the price of the booking is the total of the rates for rooms Dante and Hildegard for the booking period. In light of the fact that room Leonardo is usually charged at a lower rate than the other two rooms, it is for the guests to decide how the discount is shared between them (e.g., applied pro-rata for each room/guest – or otherwise). These offers are currently available in Lower Season and Middle Season – see Rooms and Rates.

In the case of group bookings one primary guest will be contractually responsible for the booking, and must provide details of additional guests at the time of booking.

We see this as a win-win scenario: we ensure that we receive two rooms’ income for a particular week; guests ensure that they will have company whom they know to socialise with when not focusing on their ‘retreat aims’/project – or alternatively, no other guests around and exclusive use of the bathroom.

Room Dante

‘All-Rooms’ Bookings

This deal effectively allows for a guest to book all the study-bedrooms without us booking out the unused bedroom(s) to anyone else, at the cost of the combined booking rates for rooms Dante and Hildegard: i.e., there is no need to fill all three rooms if two guests who know one another wish to take advantage of this offer; we will not seek to fill the other room for the duration of a Reduced Occupancy booking. Someone wanting to come and work on a project without having other guests staying at the same time (and to therefore have sole use of the bathroom!) might slso benefit from this offer.

NB: the hosts will still be present in the building complex, and might make use of the kitchen and other shared facilities (excluding the bathroom) during these Bookings; i.e., this deal DOES NOT amount to exclusive rental of all the shared rooms/facilities at Casale di Clio.

NB:quiet hours‘ policy will still apply in principle, but with some flexibility by agreement of guests and hosts.

The library is well equipped with books, games and more

Which Groups?

We envisage that this offer would be available to members of Reading/Writing/Art/Photography/Hiking/History/Music groups.

The dining room – leading through to the sitting room


Enquire About a Group or ‘All-Rooms’ Booking

To enquire about a group booking please get in touch in the first instance via the form on our Contact Page.