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Booking Enquiries

This page sets out the bookings and payments process, and includes a form for submitting a first booking approach (without actually committing to booking) – if you are not quite at that stage yet, and would like to make a more general enquiry, then please use the form on the Contact Page – after having first checked the FAQs page and the Terms and Conditions page to see if the information you need is there.

The Booking & Payments Process

The Bookings and Payment process is as follows:

  1. Submit a Booking Enquiry form (below) – having first read the Terms and Conditions page and looked at the rest of the information on this site (you will need to agree to these when you submit the Booking Enquiry);
  2. We will respond after we have checked your dates against our availability;
  3. If we can accept your booking then we will send you further details, and a Payment Link to pay the 15% deposit (in Euros or another main currency) that secures your stay;
  4. Once the deposit is received your booking will be confirmed and we will agree an arrival time (between 2pm and 8pm on the day of arrival);
  5. We will require payment of any outstanding money for your stay by 30 days prior to your arrival;
  6. The local Tourist Tax (maximum 5 Euro per person per stay) is payable in cash on arrival before receiving your key.

See our Terms and Conditions for full details of our deposit, payment, cancellation and refund policy.

Enquire about booking to stay at Casale di Clio

First, please ensure that you have read, understood, and will agree to our Terms and Conditions if you book to stay with us (click on the link to open these in a new tab) – you will have to confirm that you have done so before being able to submit a Booking Enquiry.

To enquire about coming to stay at Casale di Clio please complete and submit the form below – providing as much information as possible. Sending this Booking Enquiry does not commit you to making a firm booking – nor does it commit us to accepting a booking from you; it allows us to look at your interest in light of our room availability. We will then get back to you as soon as we can.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
We will contact you by email in the first instance, but feel free to include a contact telephone number – if we accept a booking we will require a contact telephone number at that point.
Please be as specific as possible – e.g., please don’t just say “on the internet” if that is the case, let us know which website.
Please indicate from the drop-down which is your main interest – i.e., what will be your focus while here?
Please try to give some detail beyond saying “to work on a book and explore the area”! We want to be sure that you will benefit from coming to stay at Casale di Clio.
Please state your preferred ARRIVAL DATE (arrival and access to room after 2pm) and preferred DEPARTURE DATE (vacation of room by 9.30 am and departure from Casale di Clio by 11am). Please indicate any flexibility in your preferred dates. NB, there is a 7 night MINIMUM RENTAL PERIOD, which may be lowered to 5 nights, depending on our pattern of bookings (with additional days at the ADDITIONAL NIGHT RATE or WEEK RATE as appropriate. There is a MAXIMUM RENTAL of 4 weeks, although bookings beyond 2 weeks duration are by prior agreement.
Please be specific.
We will do our best to accommodate your first choice, but this will depend on the state of confirmed bookings by the time we accept any booking that arises from this enquiry
We will do our best to accommodate your first choice, but this will depend on the state of confirmed bookings by the time we accept any booking that arises from this enquiry
Would you like to secure exclusive use of the guest bathroom (WC, bidet, bath, shower) by paying a 100 Euro supplement (per week)? In this case, we would not let the 2nd guest room during your stay (this option is not available if the other guest room is already booked for the dates that you are interested in – we will check when you have submitted your form).
In 2025 we hope to have 3 or 4 guest rooms each with their own bathroom facilities – until then we are offering 2 guest rooms with a shared bathroom, with the option of a 3rd guest room being available for small groups who are happy to share a bathroom
At Casale di Clio we are not able or allowed to provide specialist medical/social care, support or supervision, including for mental health issues. Please confirm BY TICKING THE CHECK-BOX BELOW that you are not likely to need such specialist care support or supervision during the time you would like to stay at Casale di Clio
Because we are not trained or equipped (or allowed) to provide such specialist services at Casale di Clio, as well as lacking nearby support/facilities, it would be advisable for you to find more suitable accommodation if you might need such services/support.
Please confirm BY TICKING THE CHECK-BOX BELOW that you have read and agree to our Terms and Conditions as set out on this website (see top of page)
Submitting this enquiry form does not commit either party to continuing to a firm booking, but we need to know that if a firm booking does follow then you are clear about the nature of a stay at Casale di Clio.