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Room Payments

Once have accepted your booking we will email you a Payment Request with a link to our bank account details so that you can pay the Room Rental Deposit. Our Room Rates are denominated in Euros and we prefer payment in Euros.

If you live outside the EU and bank in a different currency, however, such as GBP (£) or USD ($), and do not have Euro bank account, that is not a problem: we use Wise to process our payments in currencies other than the Euro, and this means that the Payment Request link we send you will contain our bank account details in the UK for you to pay in GBP (£), or our bank account details in the USA for you to pay in US Dollars – with other countries/currencies also possible upon request. Once you receive the Payment Request Link you can decide if you are happy with the conversion rate – and if not, you can send Euros to our Euro account by whatever means you choose!

If you currently use Wise then you will understand this process. If you do not currently use Wise then we invite you to take a look at it and see what you think. Using Wise invariably leads to significantly lower charges for currencies conversions than your high-street bank would charge you.