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Reaching out to the Permaculture Community!

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Some of Casale di Clio‘s land at Vetteglia – ripe for a permaculture design?

It is not just writers and artists – and others traditionally recognised as ‘creatives’ – that we welcome to Casale di Clio. We have a strong interest in sustainable land use and permaculture; Adrian has taken courses with Martin Crawford at the Agroforestry Research Trust, with Mike Abbot in his Living Wood, and with the late Patrick Whitefield, among others. Adrian and Tiziana ran a small-scale, low-input smallholding in the UK for 10 years, and both are excited about the opportunities offered by the land that came with Casale di Clio. We are very aware that folk taking care of land in sustainable ways soon recognise the need for creativity – and permaculture most certainly demands creativity in the use of resources, and as a key approach/skill/state-of-mind in the design process itself. For that reason we are excited to be advertising Casale di Clio to the permaculture community at the outset of our venture, in the leading publication Permaculture Magazine; we hope that all not previously au-fait with permaculture, but who come across it here will take the time to explore it.

We have put together a page on coming to Casale di Clio for a Land Study Holiday – please do take a look!

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